Tuesday, 7 October 2014

First Meeting With Adam

Me and Adam have decided that we would work well together and thought that we would do a collaborative brief. He came to me with a brief he was really excited about, this was a brief about ice lollys. During the summer he has made many of his own flavours, and decided to develop this into a brief. This would include making a pop up shop, creating the ice lolly packaging, branding, and recipe book. As my dad works with printing plastics packaging, I will ask him what would be possible for us to do with printing packaging for the ice lollys.

We decided to meet up and go through what we will be doing for this brief and where we should start. We have decided to do this brief before Christmas and maybe over Christmas, this means that we may be able to do a pop up shop in the Leeds Print Festival if there is space, this is also good for me, as it means that I won't be doing too many collaborations at the same time, as I am doing one with Melissa after January.

Meeting for the first time meant that we could go further into what we are wanting to do.
  • Recipe book
  • Packaging for the lollys
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website
  • Pop up shop - Leeds Print Festival - Colours May Vary
  • Menu/Signage
  • Laser cutting lolly sticks
  • Vac forming molds for lollys

We decided to go down to the metal workshop to find out what would be possible to do. We found out that vac forming wouldn't be the best option as it would mean that the plastic we would have to use may stretch too far and snap. It would also not be appropriate for food as the plastic isn't food safe. We then went to ceramics to see if we would be able to create a mold then, which sound like it would be the best option for us, as this would be food safe. This is something we didn't think about before going down.

In the next meeting I think that we need to go further into what our roles and responsibilities will be in this brief, so that we don't both end up doing the same things or similar things, this will utilise our time and skills better.

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