Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Second Meeting With Adam

Ice Lolly Collab.
Before the meeting I decided to go through things that I thought might be useful, something that would get us started. Mentioned before about making the brief real, which I think would be really good to create a brief that is real. We started to think about going to Leeds Print Festival and having a pop up stall there. Therefore I started to think about what we could offer and how we could make the brief relevant for the Print Festival. I think that creating flash cards what have recipes on them, maybe some information graphics about the different flavours with some illustrations to go with them. Notebooks that are screen printed with our brand on them, or ice lolly puns. Also produce a recipe book for all the ice lolly's, although I think that would just be for show, not available to buy.

When meeting with Adam we started to go through what we were going to do, the order in which would would have to do them. We were thinking about this brief in the wrong way, focusing on the making of the lolly's rather than what we would need to do and produce for this brief. We started to look into the things that we would need to do, for example the branding and what is involved in that. Brand guidelines so that we can have something to go by when we are individually doing our of roles in the brief.

We also decided to have a crit with a tutor to talk through our ideas, he told us that we need to focus on our brand and then have our concept being that we can create bespoke ice lolly's for different events such as Leeds Print Festival, or Music Festivals e.c.t. This is something that we could propose or make it real and make it happen.

We started to think about some names, although nothing is certain yet, but we thought in time it would come to us. For now we came up with 'bespop' - bespoke - pops. We have been trying to find an appropriate typeface to use throughout. Looking at a more curved typeface such as quicksand book and bold, also Arial rounded regular and bold. Quicksand didn't work as a body copy typeface as the kerning and tracking is terrible, although Arial rounded was a lot better with a similar aesthetic.
 Seeing how they will work together in some sort of context. Adam managed to find a good font that would work well for us called Bariol. This is the typeface we think we are going to use throughout.

Adam and I still need to meet up and go through exactly what each of our roles and responsibilities are to move forward with this brief. We also need to write the brief up in a more formal way together, as I am unsure if it has been written up yet as it was originally Adam's brief. This will give us more of a direction and give us a better understanding of what we are trying to achieve and how we will do that.

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