Thursday, 2 October 2014

Brief Tutorial

The Tutorial.
For the sign up tutorial I took in all of the nine briefs that I have been working on. Going through them with Amber I have been able to narrow down which ones to take forward and which ones to put together or drop. I am aware that the briefs I ave written are going to change, but I have three current briefs that I am going to start, one is ongoing and quite a long brief, whereas another is about 2-3weeks and another is 1 week. One of these briefs doesn't need a lot of change or adapting as it is a life brief. My Mandatorys only need a slight adjustment, they are things that I will need to do in order to achieve my deliverables, such as, blogging, design boards, research, e.t.c.

100 days of...
I have decided to start my 100 days of... brief. This brief will be split into two different briefs, one of which will be to illustrate one things every day in a certain scale. The second part if the brief will be to either create a publication and poster with all 100 illustrations in it, or creating an exhibition with all of the 100 illustrations in it, and promotion for the exhibition, trying to get other people to take the '100 days of...' challenge.

Quentin Tarantino Boxset.
The next brief I will be starting is the Quentin Tarantino boxset, I am starting this brief now as it is my most defined brief, and it is the brief I am most excited about. This brief consists of designing the covers flyers for the inside and boxset to hold all the Tarantino films. It will also have a publication inside the boxset with information about each of the films and Quentin Tarantino himself.

Christmas Sushi.
This is a live brief for an existing Sushi Bar in Verbier called Nomad. Each year they use promotion for each of their seasons. Last year they used lego to illustrate the sushi, this year they have asked me to do vector illustrations of the sushi that they have already created. This will be used on promotional Christmas posters that they also want designing, but they also want the illustrations for their social networks and artwork for them. I am starting this one soon as it need to be sent by the end of November.

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