Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Ditto Workshop 2

Ditto Press.
The Method Part 2.
Before this session we were told that we would have to try and think of our methodology that we currently use. This is something that I thought about but didn't actually make or produce anything for. A lot of people, almost everyone had thought about it but didn't have anything to show. Therefore we all took time out to draw up what we thought our methodology is.

I decided that my methodology was to receive the brief then think into my initial thoughts, move on from that to the extended thoughts about the brief, leading from my initial thoughts. From this I start to look into ideas that I could take forward from this. After doing this I would lead with my ideas that I think might work, then create visual research by drawing, doing/photographing, and online imagery.

The Crit.
During the crit we were all made aware that our ideas and what we thought our methodologies are, were very generic and really standard. This is something we were told not to do specifically therefore we went away again to try and change this, or add something to our methodologies so that they were different and individual.
  • Do something specific for me that would work with every brief.
  • Something that a client would hire you with for their briefs.
  • If not everyone will end up with the same research and same things.
  • All taught the same methods, therefore we will all work in the same way.
  • Its a competitive industry which needs individuality in it.
  • Try to go out and experience things but not in a standard way.
I went away and thought about something that would help me decide on what I would do with a brief, adding it to the end of my research method, not just replacing it. The idea is to have this origami idea generator. I would have my normal research methods, but have words and ideas inside, so that I could chose two or three, and put them together, this would create different research that I may have never put together before.

Next Time.
Moving on from this I will refine my idea further and create something that will look nicer as well as do the job. I will also need to come up with a name for my methodology. This is something that no-one else has come up with from the day, therefore I think that it will be unique to me. This is what I will move forward with. For the next time I will make sure it works by testing it on a few different briefs to see how it works in context.

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