Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Something More Evaluation


When I first received a water supplier I thought that this was one of the best companies I could have received because it would be the easiest. Although I soon realised that everything with water has been done before, therefore it’s thinking of something that it is original that is hard to do.

Overall I think that this works really well for a water supplier. It is more interesting with the colour use and not being too cliché and the same as whatever is out there already using blue. This will stand out from the rest of the water suppliers, which was my aim for this brief. The concept for my water supplier is to create a better relationship with the customers. And create more awareness for them about where their money is going and how much they are paying, as I currently think that people just pay their water bill because they have to. A water supplier isn't something that someone chooses. It is something that is chosen by the areas you live in. The concept is that you can't choose your water supplier, but you can choose how you use your water.

During this brief I have gain presentation skills, as this is something that I have always struggled with, doing presentation in front of people on the course gets easier, but when external studios and people come in it makes it more real and nerve racking. Therefore during this brief I have realised that presenting isn’t that bad and I am a lot more comfortable. If I were to do this brief over I may have gone with a more subtle yet different colour scheme, although it works well for the idea of the brand standing out in mail outs. I would have also taken the brief slightly further and maybe created an app or something so that customers can go on their phones to see how much water they are using, this would stay with the concept of you cant choose your water supplier but you can choose where and how you use it.

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