Monday, 8 December 2014

DSM - Water Supplier Logo Development

Logo Development.
With the logo I have decided that I want to move away from that standard blues that are always used in water companies, this will make mine stand out from the rest, showing that Clear Water is different. The name is Clear Water becasue most water companies I found are called something water, also my want to show that we are straight forward and upfront 'clear', also like water, showing that the water is fresh and clean. I also wanted to include water in the title as my colour scheme is yellow, grey and black, so having water in the name makes the purpose more clear.

My initial ideas for my logo were to have just type looking like it is half in water, although after attempting this I instantly changed my idea. The 'l' worked well, but this is because it is a straight letter, curved make it more difficult. I think that I could have done it better if I drew it first then tried to digitally draw it, but decided that this would also look really standard and quite cliche.

Using just the type 'Clear Water' in a sans serif font, Arial. I decided that I would be able to create outlines and use them as outlines to a pattern. Creating water droplets and repeating it, then masking the type. This is showed above, and didn't work very well, as it isn't very clear what they actually are. Therefore I decided that I could make it look like the logo is water, making a bubble pattern and masking it into the type. I did this then tried lots of different colours to see which would work best. Trying to avoid blues.

I like the idea of having the colour scheme being grey, yellow and white. I think that these colours work really well together, and they are a lot different to the normal and existing water suppliers that there are. Although I think that the yellow is a little bit garish, and doesn't work very well with the logo, it looks slightly like nuclear waste and that the water would be harmful, which is not the effect I am looking for in this logo.

Testing out different methods of having these colours together, using the same coloured type just with a different coloured bubbles in the type. The yellow has the same effect of making the 'water' look toxic. Therefore this is something I don't want to include in the actual water bit of the logo. 

Deciding between the to colours, using white on the inside or grey on the inside. I think that the white looks better, in makes the water look more pure and clear. This is the colour scheme I will be using throughout the brand, and the printed ephemera that I will produce to go with the brand itself.

Having an icon with the logo means that I could use it on its own. Although trying a water droplet out on the logo in different places, I realised that using this is making it look quite tacky and too obvious. This is something that I was trying to avoid with this water company, therefore I wont be using an icon.

There was something that needed to be added to the logo but I couldn't think what. Then looking into making it look like the letter of water are almost full makes it more clear that it is water. Removing some of the bubbles from the mask makes it appear that the it is almost full and looks more like water.

Overall I think that this works really well for a water supplier. It is more interesting with the colour use and not being too cliche and the same as whatever is out there already using blue. This will stand out from the rest of the water suppliers, which was my aim for this brief. The concept for my water supplier is to create a better relationship with the customers. And create more awareness for them about where their money is going and how much they are paying, as I currently think that people just pay their water bill becasue they have to. A water supplier isn't something that someone chooses. It is something that is chosen by the areas you live in. The concept is that you can't chose your water supplier, but you can chose how you use your water.

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