Monday, 8 December 2014

DSM - Water Supplier Bill

Clear Water Bill.
After creating the logo and thinking through the concept, I thought that I would be able to take this brief further. I could do this by showing the examples of how my concept would work with my branding. I have decided that a water bill would be appropriate. It would be a good way to show how the relationship between the customer and the company has been improved from the current water suppliers. It will also show the information graphics about the water usage better than just saying that there will be information graphics.

Information Graphics.
This is displaying the monthy usage of water over the year, comparing it to the average water usage. It is also showing the neighbors of the customer, and what their monthy usage is, this will show people how they are doing relatively in their neighborhood.

This will show where the water is going, whether it is being used indoor or outdoor. Then from that it shows where is is specifically being used both indoors and outdoors. This is so that the customers will know where they are using their water most, and where they can cut back and save some money and water.

This will show where the customers sits on the water saver chart. and where the bounderies are. This is the last piece of information graphics on this page. The next page will then follow with information of how you can save on water, and how much water you will save by doing this.

On the first page there will be a simple breakdown of the bill itself. This is something that differs from the usual water supplier bills as they are really confusing. Almost as if they do it on purpose so that no one reads into it too much.

This slip would be at the bottom of the first page, underneath the personal information for each customer. It will have a perforation and a free post envelop inside the bill so that it can be checked and signed, then sent off. Having this as a physical thing will make people more aware that they are actually paying a bill rather than it just leaving their account every month.

This is the information page on how to save water. Showing how much water will be saved and how often the customer will save it. Using the colours in the brand link it to the company whilst also strengthening the colour scheme.

Design Boards/Presentation.
Keeping the same layout for each board and colour scheme throughout I decided to create design boards, and if there needs to be a presentation I can use my pdf's of my design boards. Which will include a final image on the last board of my printed bills. Each board is simple and to the point.

Printed Bill.

Even though this was a branding and concept brief, I thought that because of the amount of time we had, I could push it a little bit further than just branding and a concept. Creating an example of a bill will demonstrate the relationship that the water supplier Clear Water would have with the customer better than if I were to just say it. There was confusion about if we were to have a presentation for this or not. Therefore I decided that I should make design boards so that if we have to hand them in, they can speak for themselves.

I am really happy with what I came up with for this brief, I think that it is a little bit different to what is already out there. And I really think that it is important to create a good relationship between the customer and the company, as no water company offers a personal experience. If I were to do this brief again, I would take more advantage of the time which we were given, and put more time aside to do this brief, as I enjoyed doing it, and like the outcome.

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