Thursday, 11 December 2014

TDR Evaluation


Doing a workshop with Ian Anderson was such a good opportunity that I didn’t want to miss, therefore I thought that I would send him an illustration of himself, as that was the most appropriate entry I could think of. At the start of this workshop I was very sceptical about the fact that I have a lot of briefs I am currently working on, also my dissertation, and I am currently being asked to do something pointless for an hour. I thought that this would be wasting time that I didn't have enough of anyway. Because the task I did for an hour was really pointless and didn't take a lot of thinking, I had time to think about what I would do for the documentation. I also had time to just think about nothing and get a bit of mind space.

After this I was ready to document and get on with making my presentation. This has taught me that when I am stuck with a brief or start to panic about time, I will just take an hour out to do something completely irrelevant. This will allow me to get some head space, so that I can come back fresh. Doing this is something that I will take forward with me in other briefs and have learnt from whilst doing this pointless task.

I have also been able to work on my presenting skills, which was the most important part of the workshop for me. This is because we had to present something pointless and explain why it was pointless, therefore it was all about the presenting skills, and presenting to someone outside of the course put more pressure on it and made more important and realistic. This workshop has been really helpful and I have really enjoyed it, and something I have taken from it is that presentation skills are so important.

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