Sunday, 21 December 2014

RayNite Logo Development

Logo Development.
After researching into Russian scarfs and the prints that they us, I have decided that for the Russian scarf theme logos I will include a floral patter.
After drawing the flowers on paper, I made them digital, I decided to use a baby blue, pastely colour. As they specifically asked for pastel colours, although they asked for many other colours too.

I created the floral patterns using opacities. This would help to bring the flowers to life and show how they have dimension to them.

I think that these floral patterns work well to demonstrate the Russian scarfs throughout. The client agreed as I have just been in touch with her and sent her the pattern, she thinks that it is a great way to demonstrate this idea.
As she wanted the pattern to be an underlying feature of the logo and the brand just as it is in the clothing, I decided that I would try to mask the word RayNite into it, also try placing it behind the text to see how effective that could look, although I think that it isn't quite showing what I thought t would show, or what it needs to show.

The examples that Vanessa gave me to have a look at in terms of logo ideas were some using circles around the brand name as the logo, she also mentioned including wings coming from the circle too. Although I don't think that this is relevant for the audience, I need to create some examples for the client as this is what they are looking for in their logo. Also including the Russian scarfs details in the background as a mask.

Also doing similar things but trying to include the use of different typefaces so that I can decide which would look better and suit the brand more. The reason why I chose this blue to test different logos with is because they suggested that they would like to see pastel colours, therefore I needed to include a pastel colour. But also the clothing itself sold at RayNite will be laced with LED lights, which is similar to that colours, therefore it would represent it really well.

I started to think about the colour choice a lot more and about the audience that it will attract. I think that royal blue says a lot more about the brand and the audience than a pale or pastel colour. The colour royal blue it often used for the elites, the royals and generally wealthy people, this would be really relevant for RayNite as the target audience are people who have a lot of disposable income that really enjoy festivals and dressing up. I thought about including a stars in the logo as it would show the 'Nite' in RayNite, also showing that when the stars come out everyone glows, like the LED costumes.
After researching further into the burning man and the other festivals which Anna and Vanessa suggested the costumes were aimed towards, I decided that I would move away from the LED theme, and stars. I would start to play with the idea of using flowers, as the burning many often has people attend wearing large elaborate feather hats. Also some of the examples included in the emails were feathers and wings which is something that she specifically asked for some examples of. I think that using something like this is much more appropriate for the brand, and would appeal to the right audience. As the burning man hosts a festivals for 21 year olds and over, whereas some of the examples of illustrations and logos that were sent to me were quite child like, and I personally didn't think that they are appropriate.

Another examples or suggestion that was offered to me was the idea of using initials of RayNite in the log similar to Louis Vuitton, I decided to try a few of these out too as it is what the client required. As well as this I thought about putting an opacity of the feathers in the background, this would also act like a Russian scarf pattern behind the initials.

I thought that I would send a range of different logo ideas to Vanessa and Anna to get their opinion and see what they think about the direction I have gone in with their brand. I am also going to send them another page of logos so that they have lots of different options, so that if that want to choose one that they like or want adapting and I can make any changes that they would like using their feedback.
I also tried did some examples of the floral pattern in the Louis Vuitton style with the initials. This is becasue the clients really liked the idea of using the floral pattern and having a Russian heritage running through the logo, the brand and the clothing.

I thought that I would create some logos that have a more sophisticated feel to it, using just the one logo and attracting the right target audience for the brand. I don't think that using someone elses logo ideas isn't very original, and think that its not always appropriate for other peoples brands. Therefore I have decided one single feather would work better. 

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