Saturday, 20 December 2014

RayNite Initial Ideas

Initial Ideas.
The Initial Emails.

 Dear Daisy,
Anna gave me your email to get in touch with you regarding the logo for our brand RayNite. Thank you so much for offering to have a look what we would need. We are not sure yet whether to write it RayNite, raynite or Raynite. So maybe you could also advise us on this.

The project we are working on is the following: a costume clothing brand for costume themed parties, festivals (such as burning man, coachella), halloween (burning man style halloween costumes rather then character costumes) and general costumes in that particular style. All of the clothes integrate light option (to wear at night, LED lights). We want to distinguish ourselves from all the cheaper looking costumes brands which use low quality fabrics and lighting such as el wire which breaks easily and doesn't work so well. We want to appear sophisticated and luxurious using high quality fabrics and only LED lighting which is brighter and lasts longer. These will be costumes of very high quality, upscale.

We need a logo to put on and in the clothes, as well business cards, email signature, website (logo) and a model for a plexiglass add to put in a possible future showroom and or outside add.

Could we please see some options with nice pastel colours, turquoise,
with different types of reds, one option with different blues mixed (light baby blue, medium and dark for example), a nice range of yellows and so on and so forth and whatever else you think is suitable for the kind of brand we are building.

As Symbol of the logo you could do one option with a heart, one with a flower (different flower options, one could similar to the one of the Louis
Vuitton logo), one with a sun and sun rays coming out of it, sunrise
or sunset, one with waves like from the sea, one with wings or whatever else you think would be suitable for our brand.

It would be also good to try different fonts, like one that looks like
a hand written one and others
Suggestion: You could put our company name in an oval circle as shown in the attachment and put on the left and right wings of feathers or sun rays instead of the children for example or other symbols you would find suitable for our brand.

I really like the style of that logo example. The way it's drawn, very feathery and romantic, also i like the colour used.

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Thank you so much.
Kind regards,

After receiving emails from the client about the wants and needs for the logo and the brand itself I started to think about what I would do for the logo and how I would produce it. I think that the audience is key in this brand. Although I think the audience is the most important in all branding, this one in particular.
I think that a few of the suggestions given for the brand may work, although I will produce some of the things which the client wants as the client is always right, I will also produce some of the things that I think will be appropriate for the client and the audience. It is important to find a good balance between what I think is right for the brand and what the client thinks is right for the brand.

Some of the images that were sent to me were very sketchy, therefore I started to sketch out some suggestions and ideas that I was given. Also one of the partners in the business is a very important Russian women and she wants there to be an underlying Russian scarf in the clothing, and maybe put this into the logo. Therefore I started to research into Russian scarfs and some of the patterns used on them. Floral patterns would be most appropriate for RayNite, as the clients sent images of floral images as examples, also a lot of the scarfs include floral prints. I started to sketch out some of the flowers so that I may be able to include them in the design.

Moving forward I am going to start working on logo ideas, then I need to get them sent to the client before Christmas day. This is the deadline for the ideas for the logos that I have been set, therefore I need to stick to it.

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