Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Research Raynite Ideas

Business Cards Ideas.
Although I need to think about the logo and the branding first before started to go into the stationery. And receive feedback on which logos are wanted to be used or developed. Although I have had a really good idea for business cards and think this is something that the client would be really interested in hearing about.
As the clothing for RayNite will have an LED version of the outfit or a switch that can turn on the LED lighting in the clothing, I thought that having business cards that would have LED light running through them would be massively appropriate. As the brand and clothing is aimed towards the elite and people with a large amount of disposable income, I think that the brand should reflect this, and having substantial business cards would do this.

This is an idea that I have suggested for the client, and I am waiting to hear back about the logo ideas, also about the business card, and how she would feel about it. As there are many other options and ideas to choose if not.

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