Thursday, 11 December 2014

Intern Evaluation


For Intern Magazine we had to get into groups of 5-6 people, in my group there was me, Melissa H, Melissa G, Sarah G, Sam W, Caitlin and Amy. Therefore there were 7 in our group. I personal think that having that many people in a group isn’t good for such a small brief as there are only so many jobs that needed to be done. Therefore if I were to do this brief again, I would have got into a smaller group.

At first I was sceptical about the subject of our magazine, but then when we all started discussing what we could do for it, what it would include and the concept for it. I am really happy with the group I was in and the subject we chose for our independent magazine, as I think it would be really interesting. The presentations went really well apart from two of the four covers for the seasons didn't come up on the screen. But other than that I think that it went really well. The day was really interesting and I learnt a lot. I also gained skills of working in larger groups, as there are more people to please and make sure are happy, on the positive side, there are more peoples ideas in the pot.

If I were to do this brief again I would have got into a smaller group, or pushed the brief further to actually start producing some of the spreads for the magazine and not just the covers. I think that we worked well as a team and learnt a lot about kick-starter campaigns, and that if you have a good idea that you should run with it, and there are ways and means of doing this. Overall this was a really helpful day, learning new skills and working more on kick-starters and conceptual ideas helped to think more about the reasons behind why we do things.

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