Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Animated Poster

Poster Animations.
We all started by coming up with our own fact for the North, and illustrations to demonstrate the fact. We decided that we would all have a go at animating so that its fair and we could all practice After Effects more.after a lot of different choices and development of the poster it was finally ready for animating the poster.

My Animated Poster.

DBA - Less Squeeze from Daisy Sunshine Conway on Vimeo.

I am really happy with my poster, I think that it works really well. I am glad that we decided that we would all create our own animations, as previously the decision was made that Sarah G and Danielle would create them all so that they are consistent. Although it has worked out better as we all know how our illustrations are going to work therefore it will look better if we all do our own. It has worked out that we came up with key frames to follow throughout the animation, so that all the text comes in at the same time on each poster. This made it more consistent also. I am really happy with how we are working as a group, and the animated posters look really good as a set.

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