Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Group Meeting 1 - dba

First Meeting.
As a group we decided to meet up with all of our initial thoughts on the brief, and what we wanted to do. Also looking at which parts of the brief we wanted to do as well as the log and posters.We all got together to discuss our ideas.

  • No cliche.
  • Sweating the small stuff.
  • Try get rid of the division.
  • Close the gap between the North and South divide.
  • Compass?
  • Simple Illustrations.
  • Friendly place.
We decided that we wanted to avoid putting the South down to make the North look better. And work on the idea that the North is the second capital. Showing that the North can be just as good as the South, although there is more room up North so that more can develop. There are less crowds and pollution. Discussing ideas of a campaign for us and a saying, like we are... and all positive words.

Discussing the trains themselves and which go where. Connecting the North as a whole rather than pinning the North and South against each other more than it already is. The HS3 train will make the North and South divide be almost non existent as the train will make access from the North to South and vica verca a lot quicker and easier.

In this first meeting we didn't get very far in respects to designing anything, although I think that the idea we have is to get a strong concept and we know the design work will come. We want to extenuate on the fact that the North is different and we are proud of it. Showing off what the North has to offer. The North is a work in progress and isn't perfect yet. This a a good thing though becasue who would want to invest in something that it already perfect? Therefore we want to play on the idea that the North isn't yet perfect but could be with your investment.
Sarah then came up with a saying of Less is More, Less is North. This is something that everyone got excited about, therefore we thought we would run with it. Although for our next meet we will all start thinking about logo designs that will go with this concept. Or if anyone else has any other concept ideas, we can share them in the next meeting.

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