Monday, 9 February 2015

Year Book Second Meeting

Year Book Progress - Second Meeting.
Before the Meeting.
Melissa Hardcastle and I decided that we would continue doing the rest of the alphabet mazes, this is so that they are all consistent, as ours both looked the same, also it would be better to show in the presentations exactly what we are talking about by showing them. Using Arial Black pt size 200, we both stated which letters and number we would do each so that the work was evenly distributed.

This is something that I did after the first day, whilst Mel had some other letter at the other end of the alphabet. This is why we thought that we would finish them as it didn't take to long to complete between the two of us.

After doing this we decided to send each other our numbers and letters so that we both had a full set and would be able to use them so experiment with a few different layouts. This is something else that we decided to do as a group, create different layout examples for the yearbook. This is so that we can show each other and decide on the next meet, also so that we can display them on our presentation.

These are the different layouts that I have come up with. Thinking about what has been used in the past so that we can try to stay away from it, also looking at what worked really well and is needed in the yearbook. Some images are full bleed, although I am not sure how well that would work, but I thought that having some examples of this may work well.

For our front cover of the year book we decided that we would use the maze numbers to create a cover that would look like all the mazes are brought together. Using the colour scheme that we decided on I thought that I would try to show this through the numbers to see what it would look like.

On the inside of the front cover I thought that it would be good to include the mazes and a brief explanation of why the mazes have been use. This would give an introduction to the year book, but also give the readers a good idea of the concept also the previous yearbooks had an introduction into the reasons behind their concepts too.

These are some of the layouts we have been discussing throughout the meeting today. We like the idea of having peoples names running across the bottom of the of the pages. With the information about the people at the top with their mazes. Also options for their layouts in the yearbook, and how many images and briefs need to be included in this for them.

Also working on how we could present the idea of the maze concept in the pitch is important. We thought as we have two Melissa's in our group we would use an 'M' as an example, showing how people may have the same initials but everyone can chose their own journey throughout the course. Also showing how it will digitally created after everyone had filled in their own maze.
I also decided to create a normal maze, this would be included in the end of year show, making it interactive and allowing people to do the maze them self. This will be mocked onto things by Melissa Gater, as she is producing the ephemera for the end of year show.

This was also another meeting that produced a lot of work, even with the obstacles faced during leadership in the group and some people giving more in put than others. Melissa Hardcastle and I decided that we would create the entire alphabet for the pitch as it will be a better way to show how it will work throughout the entire alphabet. Whilst we did this Melissa Gater started to think about making the concept stronger and linking it to the end of year show which is really important for the pitch to succeed.

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