Wednesday, 11 February 2015

DBA Campaign Research

Illustration Styles.
After our group meeting we decided that wee need to try and think about what kind of minimal illustrations we will be using for our posters and campaign. We decided that we will be using minimal vector illustrations. Which is good as it is the way in which most of us work anyway.
These illustration work well together, and the colours work well with it. Although I don't think a colour scheme like this will be taken seriously with our concept and brand. Although the illustrations themselves work well, we could use just outlines when thinking about how we will illustrate our ideas and posters.
I think what I like most about these icons are that they are all blue, even though they are different blues it works really well, this is something that we will consider when creating ours, to use the some colour with different hues/shades so that it is consistent whilst showing slight detail.

This is similar to the one above, although it includes black lines too. This is another thing we need to think about, whether we are going to ave outlines on our illustrations, becasue sometimes they add to the effect.
What I like about both of these sets of icons is that some of them are relevant to the trains which would be useful for us. Using just outlines is very effective I think, although most people in my group would prefer to work with block colours. Although I do think that this look very effective and aesthetically pleasing.

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