Friday, 20 February 2015

Group Meeting 5 - dba

Meeting 5.
We decided to meet up so that we could try and plan what we are going to be doing. For example which two of the other things that we are going to produce. I think that our posters are going to look really good together, and they said they would rather us spend a lot of time on less things than produce lots of things that have just been done for the sake of it. Before the meeting a few of us started to look at my illustrations for my poster, and found that it looks very childlike. Therefore I was trying to find a way around it.

With the current colour scheme I have been trying to think of a combination that takes out a few of the colours so we have a more limited colour scheme. Also try and use the darker colours so that it doesn't look as childlike.

After applying a the darker colours to my illustration, it still looks really childlike. Therefore a few of us decided to go on Adobe Kuler to find another colour scheme.

Sarah also suggested that my illustrations are quite curved, and the light bubble might make it look more childlike, so changing it to make it more straight might work better.
Applying a new colour scheme to the new balls makes the illustration look better and look more professional. I sent the colour scheme to the rest of the group, and Sarah came back with a background colour and a blue, which I think makes it even better.

After sorting out the colour scheme as a group, acknowledging that the new colour makes the brand 'Capital North' look more professional but still friendly like the North is. This colour scheme reflects the North in a good way and an accurate way for our concept without using greens for the countryside, and making it look professional.

The Meeting.
The actual meeting we had was quite short as a few members of the group were ill or had prior deadlines that they had to meet, therefore we decided that we would have another meeting on Monday and set some deadlines for what we will be doing.
Poster illustrations - Monday
Poster animations -Wednesday
Train liver ideas - Monday
Environment ideas - Monday
We also decided that we would use the colour scheme that we decided on. Although if the colours don't work for your illustration, you can come up with another one, and then it will be decided on Monday on the definite, before anyone starts to animate their poster again.  

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