Thursday, 12 February 2015

Group Meeting 3 - dba

Meeting Three.
We decided that we would like to have a moving logo or create some animations that could be applied to this brief. So we arranged to have a small tutorial learning how to do simple things on illustrator. We did this during this meeting and it was quite helpful, although I think that trying to learn a software like this is more about trying it yourself than being shown how to do things.

During our meeting as a group we all chose which poster we would be using. We all tried to think about 'Less..., More...' sayings that we could use, after coming up with five sayings we all chose which one we wanted to use. Mine is 'Less Squeeze, More Space'. The next time we meet on Monday, we are all to come with illustration ideas of what we want to have for our posters.

After our meeting, me and Mel decided that we would try and learn more about After Effects so that we would be able to join in with the making of the animations, as Sarah G and Danielle already had basic skills on the software, and we didn't want to be left out on making the animations. Therefore after the meeting we decided to try do what we had previously done in the small tutorial but on our own.

(the after effects video)

When we did this we learnt so much. Purely from trying it ourselves after learning the basics and some tools that we can use. This meant that we knew small bits about the software, so that we would google things when we got stuck. This taught us so much, spending the afternoon on the software, using trail and error to work things out. Hopefully this means that we will be able to help with the animated posters.

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