Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Concept and Logo Ideas

Logo and Concept Ideas.
After a couple of meetings with my group we all decided that we have a direction for the concept. The idea that the North is progressing, launching, growing, getting better. This is what we have decided to go for, although we need more of a solid and definite idea for when we take it to the dba workshop day. I started to look into the idea of the North launching, and how it was getting bigger and better. I also like the idea of using a compass and finding the North, showing people that they can find their way up North.

The first thing that I thought about when it comes to launching is obviously a rocket. This is what I am going to move forward with, trying to come up with a simply logo of a rocket.

I thought that I would try using just image, just type and mixture of them both, and I have found that I don't think that any of these would suit our brand. The idea of using the launching rocket as a logo for our concept of the North progressing and getting better doesn't work well. Launching seems like it is something that is just starting, but the North has always been here, the brand just needs to show that it is getting better, and not just starting out.

Using a compass is a really good idea, it lead me to start thinking about people finding their way to the North. Having our tag line as 'Find your way...', I think that this would suit our brand really well. It could also work really well with the first logo that we all started to work on that Sarah G did.

The compass idea for a logo would work really well, but probably in a more subtle way then literally having just a compass with the red arrow pointing to the N. The original logos that I started to work on worked a lot better, using the subtle red arrow under the 'N' the show the North and a suggested compass. This is an idea that I am going to take forward to my group, using the subtle idea of a compass, and directing people to the North. Then we will all be able to go through what our ideas are together so we can all have a say in what our logo will look like and what the concept will be.

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