Monday, 2 February 2015

Initial Ideas for dba

Group Brief - dba.
Capital North.
The dba brief is to get into groups of four or five and come up with a brand for the Capital North. The mandatory requirements are to produce a logo and four posters, then we can choose two more of a list consisting of things such as train livery, uniforms, taxi livery, environmental, what's new app.

My Group.
Daisy Conway
Melissa Hardcastle
Sarah Goldthorpe
Danielle Harisson
Sarah Heal

After getting into our group we all decided that we would go through the brief on our own and meet up to discuss our ideas for the brief, showing what we want our brand to look like and reflect, and what we want our concept to be.

I started by looking into the North more, looking at the opinions of the North and the facts about what the North is, and why it is different from the South. Looking into the divide and what establishes the divide. I also started to look into the visuals of the North and the idea of a compass, and how people would find the North.

This is a really hard brief to brand such a large area, in the idea of looking into the HS2 and HS3 trains, and how this will relate. I am unsure whether we are branding the North or either the HS2 or HS3 as Capital North. I think this is something that I will discuss more in my group as I am currently unsure.

After researching more into the North I have found out quite a lot, but before moving forward with this brief I think I need to speak to my group a bit more about what the brief actually means and which direction we are going to take it. Then I can bring forward some of my ideas. Our next meeting is next week, then we can talk about what we are going to do as a group, as I think that this is a better way to approach this brief.

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