Friday, 6 February 2015

Year Book First Meeting

First Meeting.
Discussion Making.
For the first meeting I took the ideas that I had thought of for the year back, and what I thought that we could do with it. Also started to think about what was missing from the previous yearbooks, as I think that this is really important.

Choosing to do the yearbook pitch for Graphic Design requires a lot of research. Looking at past year books to see what is missing from than and what worked well in them, learning from the past. There was no budget set, therefore started to think about using different finishes like die cut front covers. Also looking into how it can connect with the audience more and be more interactive. Research showed that the past year books weren’t very personal to each year, this is something that needs to be included.

Ideas for the layouts are quite simple, including information about each person, their statement, the work that they have produced, including images, their achievements and experiences. The mazes concept will also run throughout, having each peoples maze at the top of their page. There will be four different layouts to choose from, which each person can pick which layout will be most appropriate for them, this will give people the opportunity to makes their pages look how they want them to look.

We all decided that we would work on our own concepts, then bring them together to decide what we would do so that we cold have as many ideas as we could, to find the best one.

This is a colour scheme that I thought of a long time ago, I think that the colours work really well together, and I have been waiting for a while to use it for something appropriate. The colour scheme came from how popular this colour has been throughout this year. This would allow the year book to link with level 6 Graphic Design. Not intentionally but the colour scheme also fits in with the Leeds College of Art decor and colour scheme. This would make the end of year show tie in with the year book as they would have the same colour scheme.

The Maze Concept.
Working as a collaborative with Melissa Hardcastle, Melissa Gater and Amy Hill. The year book this year needs to have more personality than the other years, as they show off peoples work but not who they are as a person. The concept for the year book is that the course has been a puzzle/maze, and we all take different journeys but all find our way out at the end. This will be shown through mazes in letters. Each students first letter in their name is their letter, for example Melissa Gater and Melissa Hardcastle have the same name. Although this doesn’t mean that they took the same journey.

The Alphabet.
We all decided on a way in which we will be producing the maze alphabet and that we would all produce one letter each so that we can show and example of how it would work throughout the yearbook. I decided that I would produce ABCD, just so that we had a few more to show, and so that I could see if it would work throughout different variants of letters.

For the next meeting we are all going to come back with more ideas about the layout that we are wanting to use and the letter that we have been given to produce. This meeting has gone really well, although there had been some heated disagreements with members of the group, we managed to get a lot done and have a good idea of where we are going with many decisions made such as the concept, colour scheme and thoughts about the layout.

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