Thursday, 5 February 2015

Etoile Rouge Evaluation


From creating the branding and merchandise for Wide-Eyed, I have managed to be in touch with Etoile Rouge, a club which Wide-Eyed is having it’s launch night. This is a good opportunity for me, because as well as doing their event posters, they have asked to keep in touch so that they could hire me to do their event posters again in the future.

As well as keeping my information, Etoile Rouge have asked if I would like to go over to Switzerland to attend one of the ‘We Do Thursdays’ nights. This is something that I will be doing on the 22nd March. As well as enjoying a trip to Switzerland, this will also be a good opportunity to network.

Although this was quite a short brief I really enjoyed doing it, as it was good to work with a real company, and work to someone else’s needs. This has given me more experience with dealing with live briefs and working with real clients. If I were to have done this brief on my own, without meeting the needs of any client, I would have made the focus of the event posters the Wide Eyed logo, as this is the main event, it is what people are wanting to see. Etoile Rouge is the destination; therefore I don’t think it needs to be the main focus of the posters. Other than this I think the brief went well, and I will be keeping in touch with Etoile Rouge, and can’t wait to go over to Switzerland to meet them in person.

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