Friday, 6 February 2015

Group Meeting 2 - dba

Meeting Two.
During the second meeting we all started to look into developing Sarah Goldthorpes logo further. This was only a short meeting as we all decided to go off and do our own development on the logo.

Playing with the idea of using a red triangle under the 'N'. This is showing a compass pointing to the North, as if the North is the destination, and somewhere that people are trying to find. This is the message that I am trying to get across with the logo. People are looking for the North, and people should 'find their way to the North'.

Developing this further I decided to go with a different layout of the text, as I started to think about how it would be placed on things, and having it on top of each other rather than next to each other may make it easier to place. Although I really don't think that it works as well like this.

What's Next?
For the our next meeting we decided that we would all work on the logo or our own logos. Developing them further so that we can have a stronger concept and brand itself. Getting ready for the dba workshop we need to have our idea solid, and have examples of our logo, and our concept sorted. This is the plan that we all think about this further before we next meet.

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