Sunday, 22 February 2015

Illustrated Poster Redone

Less Squeeze, More Space.
When it came to my illustrations, I wasn't happy with them, and thought that it it was quite irrelevant to the concept having lots of balls in a box. Although when changing the colour scheme, it did allow it to look slightly better although I started to think about more conceptual way to demonstrate this. After doing this I came to the idea of using balls to demonstrate the squeeze moving into space. But instead of being in a box, I will have a small gap and use the grey colour so that it looks like a lift. Then the doors will slowly open so that the balls will have more space. This just makes it more real and relateable to people without having to illustrate people.

New Illustration for Posters.
I am a lot happier with these illustrations for the animated posters. This could also link to the environmental part of our brief and have the posters located in lifts or near lifts in train stations. The colours are a lot better and more professional whilst still being approachable. I think that this will appeal to many different audiences, although specifically this will probably be aimed at business people who use lifts a lot.

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