Saturday, 28 February 2015

Feedback on Logos

After sending the designs and ideas to Anna and Vanessa on the 23rd December 2015, I didn't hear anything back for about three weeks, although I know that both Anna and Vanessa are very busy and important women, I think that I should have heard back slightly sooner than this.

After contacting Anna who is the main decision making person in RayNite, she replied letting me know how much she loves the logos that I have produced and she doesn't think that anything needs changing on them, although she isn't too sure which one she is wanting to use yet. Therefore I replied suggesting that if anything does need changing then let me know and I will send her a higher quality copy of the logo when she has decided which logo she wanted to chose.

Not hearing back from Anna in another week I decided to email her again asking if she has decided which she prefers and what other ephemera she is looking for as well as business cards for RayNite. This is when Anna got back to me saying that she still hasn't decided which logo she wants, but has some bad news for me, that they are holding back on the plans for RayNite for another year, but said that they would definitely come back to me for the design work doing for it.

I am a bit disappointed but doing this has given me the chance to work with people that I don't really know and a real client, rather than just doing briefs to my own standard and preference. I will keep in contact with Anna and Vanessa and definitely work with them again, as even though this branding brief didn't go to plan and it being postponed, they are very important women who are good people to know and be in touch with.  

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