Friday, 27 February 2015

Applying Vinyls

I think that for a lot of the products and merchandise I will be able to produce them using vinyl stickers. For example the dart flights, lighters and phone cases can be done using vinyl. Also heat press vinyl will be used for the hoodies, tshirts, and hats. The client requires a lot of dart flights which will take a lot of time to cut out on the vinyl cutter, also it may take a while to peel off.

Heat Press Vinyl.
The heat press vinyl I found really easy to peal and get right where as the normal vinyl was a lot more fiddly. I have found that I will be able to produce more things in future using heat press vinyl.

Normal Vinyl.
I got some of the vinyls cut and found that the small detail in them didn't cut well, therefore I am going to re-cut more out and remove the fireflies from them. Just so that they look a lot smoother and work better. This will also make them easier to peel. Especially as there are 30 sets of white and 30 sets of black dart heads which are really small and fiddly to do as it is.

I tried a few different layouts of the vinyls, and showed the client, and he decided on what he wanted where, for example having just type, just fireflies, or a mixture of both, also how many of each. He decided on using both, on every other side, suited for right handed people, as everyone who works for him are right handed.

As well as dart flights there were phone cases. Although there were some ordered online, they were really bad quality therefore making them with vinyl has worked a lot better and has meant that I could create more for less money.

Overall I think that using vinyls has worked really well and has meant that there could be a lot of things produced for Oscar at a lower cost, still with the same quality, if not better for some of the items.

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