Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The Yearbook Pitch

The Presentation.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to access the presentation to put it on my blog as we put on a memory stick for the presentation, and it has been lost since then. Although all of the content for the presentation was on my second meeting post, apart from the mock ups for the end of year show produced by Melissa Gater. Although this is the running of the presentation which I had written so that everyone would have a better idea about what we needed to say and who was saying what. This was agreed by the whole group.

Explaining the concept.
The mazes and what they mean.

(Alphabet Mazes)
The idea of the maze is consistent throughout the alphabet and represents the course, but at the same time offers the opportunity to make it personal to each student as its their own letter. The purpose of creating the alphabet was to provide the possibility of everybody having an individual line which represents their journey.
This will be shown at the front of the yearbook with a brief explanation of the concept and meaning behind it.
Each person will fill out one of these puzzles.
Everyone will have a maze of their first initial.
Even people who have the same first initial can have different journeys. Because there are several different outcomes to each maze and each person will take their own journey through the course and make their own decisions.
(Show Mel and Mel Mazes.)
(Then turn to next slide to show how we will digitalise it.)
We will digitalise each persons mazes so that it is personal to them. Whilst making all the aesthetics similar, using the our colour scheme which is this blue and will be explained later.

(Colour Scheme)
Has been popular through out year group. 
It is gender neutral.
Matches the studio, which will make our application to the end of year show more thorough.

Explaining the layout options and examples.
Where the name is on the side so when flicking through its easier to see.
Having information down the side and right hand page mainly image.
Giving each person the option to include one or two images on the right hand page.
Explaining the break up pages… Showing exhibitions that we have put on, guest lecturers and live briefs such as TDR, Ditto, SM, DBA, DR. ME.
Die cut front cover.

(End of year show)
Because of the colour scheme the yearbook will work well with the end of year show, as they are the colour of the studios.
Way finding on the floors using the blue vinyl colour as a path through a maze, or maze on the floor.
Everyone’s individual mazes under their names in the exhibition.
The 2015 front cover maze on the big white wall.

The presentation itself went really well, although there were a few things that we forgotten to be said it still went well. I think if we were to do this brief again, we would practice what we were going to say a bit more so that we didn't forget as many of the details that we needed to say to get a full idea of what the yearbook would be like.

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