Monday, 16 February 2015

Group Meeting 4 - dba

The Meeting.
During this meeting we brought all our illustration ideas together to see which we liked best and what we were going to go with. We found that we all like Sarah G's illustration style and thought that we would all be able to replicate this and make it into something that we could put into our own illustration ideas.

We also started to look into different fonts to use, as the one we were currently using was similar to other things that have been done before, also it was quite childlike. We all went through different fonts that we thought would be appropriate until Danielle found one called Roboto Slab. This is the font we are going to use as we all agreed that it would suit our campaign and would work making the North seem approachable but professional.

This is Roboto Slab in both regular and bold.

From this point Sarah G sent us her idea of an illustration so that we could see her colour scheme used and the style she has done them in. This is so that we can all bare it in mind when we are doing our posters. In our next meeting we are all going to try and have our ideas illustrated so that we can move forward with this brief and start to produce more of the list of requirements.

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