Thursday, 19 February 2015

New Type

Business Cards and Website.
For the business cards and the website I wanted to have the type in the same style as the logo itself. The website will have five different page headings therefore I have made a heading for each page. I think that this will work really well. When doing this I found that creating the names in the same way on the website and the business cards looked good, and improved the previous business cards a lot.

Business Cards.
For the business cards it is important for all of the employees to have the same business cards with different information on it. Therefore having this type makes them all consistent and in keeping with the brand itself. There are four different people that will need business cards, two of which are Artists for the record company, one being the events manager and the other being the owner.

I decided that I would create the names in that style, some examples of it plain and some with fireflies. As it may not work with fireflies if the type is too small, although will look good for a heading.

Even though Oscar only wanted more business cards for his employees, after seeing the different type used on them and a slight reorganisation of the business cards and a different layout, he wanted to have his like that too. As the previous business cards got printed so quickly and were a good quality, I am going to go back to the same place to get them printed. Also they are a very reasonable price therefore I got 2000 business cards for £115 for Simply Digital Print. Which meant that I got 500 of each persons.

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